How Much Does a Website Cost in 2020

how much should your website cost I'm

gonna break it all down and take the

mystery out of a website pricing hey

guys West McDowell here from the deep

end and whenever I talk to a new client

pricing is one of the first questions

they have and most genuinely have no

idea what a website can cost and that

actually makes perfect sense to me

because there's such a broad range of

price points out there there are roughly

three common pricing tiers you're likely

to encounter and each tier comes with

its own level of services you can expect

to be included and you'll of course pay

more for more services and I do want to

say before we get too far into this that

of course your individual circumstances

will be what tips your project to you

know the high end or the low end of the

range is I'm going to talk about but for

this video let's assume you're just

looking for a great marketing website

designed to get you more customers

bookings or leads all right here we go

so let's start right at the top and work

down starting with the agency tier at

this level you're dealing with a

full-blown company with offices lots of

employees and a high level of service

that goes along with it you can expect

not only a website but one that's built

on a solid customized strategy and a

digital marketing plan as well most

likely but at twenty thousand dollars

all the way up into the six figures this

tier is pretty much out of reach to most

small businesses so you're paying for

the higher level of service their

experience and their overhead and also

at this level there's gonna be a certain

you know pay-to-play price meaning they

just won't touch anything under that

threshold alright so the next level down

is the virtual agency here you can

expect a price tag from between ten to

twenty thousand dollars and you're

likely to get more or less the same

quality of product as you would with the

bigger agency the biggest difference

being here that virtual agencies are

generally more home-based or they at

least have a much small

footprint a scaled-down team and much

less overhead than the bigger guys so

you'll pay less now if you have the

budget this is probably a great option

for you and while we're here I just want

to say this so generally this $,

price point is we're gonna see the

biggest drop-off and the level of

service she'll get meaning in general

under $, a web designer is not

going to provide any kind of meaningful

discovery process or develop a strategy

based website for you at this price at

this price and below most web designers

will only design a website based on the

pages and functionalities that you

specifically asked for and this is not

to belittle those designers in any way

it's just a question of time and effort

and under $, simply isn't really in

scope to do a deep discovery it's a

higher level service for sure all right

our next tier is the freelancer which is

the most popular choice for small

business owners freelancers usually

charge between one and ten thousand

dollars for a website depending on their

market and their experience and there

are a lot of really talented freelancers

out there

who can give you a beautiful site but

again they generally won't include the

strategy you know some may do a very

shortened or shallow version of a

discovery process but even with that I

found the results are usually %

focused on the design not the strategy

so those are the most common pricing

tiers you're likely to find as you go

out there looking for a web pro and keep

in mind these are just general estimates

ok guys for more tips like these just

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